QHSE at PSS is at the forefront of our activities. Our teams have been awarded numerous Contractor Safety Awards for work carried out during plant shutdowns. And with external audits from ConCom & Safe Contractor being completed on a regular basis, we intend to keep this progressing in the right way.

All staff members receive regular training to aid them with the most current techniques to complete their roles safely.

The continuous improvement of our business and the way we operate is something we pride ourselves on implementing, so that we can be the best version of us.  We enthusiastically engage all employees through toolbox talks, training and regular communications, to ensure all QHSE matters are cascaded across the company.



We know that helping our clients achieve superior quality means they can operate more cost-effectively, efficiently, and improve their sustainability strategies.  We are passionate about ensuring our finished products go through the most stringent quality management system and that staff adhere to these processes to deliver our do it right, do it once vision.



The health, safety and wellbeing of our teams is central to our successful operations.  We believe our innovative approach to product development and service delivery is only possible by placing safer working environments at the heart of everything we do.  We’re committed to investigating every incident and actively encourage near-miss reporting. Our exemplary record in safety is down to constantly re-engineering and modifying our processes as a result of internal and client feedback. As such, we continuously move closer to our ultimate goal: incident and accident-free working environments.  We employ a full-time dedicated QHSE team and complete regular safety and compliance audits.



Powertherm, a family-owned business, not only cares for its people but the environment we work and live in.  Recognising and embracing a commitment to protect and preserve the environment for the sustainability of the future. We have tried and tested methodologies which protect the surrounding environment from things such as chemical contamination, where we implement innovative solutions to contain and combat the most difficult of situations.

Safe Contractor Approved
Contractors Competency Approved