Cherry Sand Dredger


Project Outcome

Powertherm Site Services’ specialist operatives applied their experience, skills and knowledge of working in a hazardous environment to successfully complete tank cleaning services for Dunston Ship Repairs Ltd.

Through confined space entry, industrial cleaning, surface preparation and industrial coatings solutions, our teams competently provided a multidiscipline service within the marine sector; preventing potential future operational issues due to blockages within the fuel system. The project was completed to budget and to the planned time schedule, and also passed the required inspections carried out by our client and the Super Intendant of the vessel.


Cherry Sand Dredger


The Challenge

Due to the nature of the work the Cherry Sand does, silt, debris and waste had built up on various decks of the vessel and, significantly, on the internal walls of the fuel tanks; increasing the risk of corrosion and costly damage. We (Powertherm Site Services) were approached by the client to provide a specialist team of confined space entry operatives & equipment to conduct high pressure water jetting and corrosion prevention of various tanks and void spaces aboard the Cherry Sand dredger – a challenge we welcomed as we knew we could deliver the right solution.


Project Details

  • Industry: Marine
  • Contract Type: Maintenance
  • Services: Confined Space Entry, HP Water Jetting, Industrial Tank Cleaning, Surface Preparation & Industrial Coatings
  • Location: Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK


Scope Services

To protect the tanks and help maximize their lifespan they needed to be professionally prepared and coated with specialist protective paint.

Our confined space entry operatives completed industrial tank cleaning using specialist high-pressure (HP) water jetting equipment to remove sludge build up on the internal walls of the fuel tanks of the Cherry Sand. Removing sludge from the inside of fuel tanks prevents it from building up and creating potential blockages in the fuel system which will in turn create operational problems. Industrial cleaning operatives also HP water jetted the deck of the dredger to remove silt, debris and waste.

After expertly HP jet washing, our team were able to inspect and subsequently identify any signs of corrosion, before beginning to treat and protect the cleaned surfaces. Firstly, the surface of the tanks were mechanically prepared ready for the application of a protective coating system; removing any further contaminants, and providing a suitable key for the coatings to properly adhere to the substrate.

Secondly, and once the tank cleaning phase was complete, they were then covered with a three coat system of protective industrial paints. As the tanks are classified as a confined space, the coatings were applied using paint brushes and rollers and so our operatives could achieve full coverage of the tanks.

The three coat system consisted of:

  1. a touch up primer that was first applied to the surface of the tanks;
  2. followed by a mid-coat – which has anti-corrosive properties – to the desired thickness;
  3. before being finished with a final topcoat.

After the tanks had the full coverage of the three coat system, all completed work was inspected to make sure it was up to standard – all Powertherm Site Services work passed these inspections and the project was completed within budget and to planned time schedules.


Our Specialist Cleaning Services

Powertherm Site Services has been providing specialist cleaning services for over 30 years, covering a wide range of tasks including specialist internal/ external vessel & tank cleaning, high-level cleaning, de-slagging of boilers, refinery/ plant shutdown cleaning and many more. Our experienced team is dedicated to offering tailored solutions to meet your specific cleaning requirements.

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