Fire Hydrant Maintenance – Saltend Chemicals Park



Powertherm Site Service’ operatives successfully executed mechanical preparation and protective industrial coatings application to various fire hydrants at a chemical processing plant in the Humber region. The project was completed to schedule, and without a safety issue or contamination to the surrounding environment.



We were asked by our client to mechanically prepare and apply a suitable protective industrial coating system to the fire hydrants and associated valves on-site, due to the deterioration of the existing coating system at their site on Saltend Chemicals Park. A specific requirement of this project was that equipment and application methods had to be ‘non-sparking’ due to the nature of the site where hazardous ATEX rate areas are present.


Fire Hydrant Protective Industrial Coating - Before


What we did – scope of supply

Industrial Coatings Operatives began the project by mechanically preparing the fire hydrants and valves utilising non-sparking equipment. High-pressure water jetting with Monroe Spinning Jets were used, along with battery operated grinders fitted with brass wire cups and needle guns fitted with brass needles.

Once the existing coating was stripped off and the surface suitably prepared to received the new protective industrial coating system, Powertherm teams began applying a primer.


Fire Hydrant Protective Industrial Coating - Primer


Firstly a touch-up primer of Jotamastic Smart Pack HB was applied by brush to areas where significant deterioration had occurred previously. This primer is a high-build surface-tolerant epoxy mastic primer ideal for smaller maintenance applications and provides long lasting protection in environments with high corrosivity, like chemical plants. A full coat of the same protective industrial coating was then applied as a mid-coat primer, before the top coats were applied.

Next operatives applied top coats of Jotun Hardtop Flexi to the main body (in red) and wheels (in black). This coating is a highly flexible and impact-resistant polyurethane topcoat with direct-to-metal properties, and is improved corrosion protection properties compared to conventional polyurethanes due to its specific properties.


  Fire Hydrant Protective Industrial Coating - Top Coat


Huge thank you to all who delivered this project successfully. For more on our Protective Industrial Coatings provision click here >>.


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