Food Processing Steam Cleaning


The Result

Through our expertise in industrial cleaning, Powertherm teams successfully conducted a thorough steam cleaning and sanitising operation within the Food Processing Industry at a bakery in East Yorkshire.

Employing high pressure steam techniques, cleaning operatives meticulously cleaned both the work area and industrial processing tanks, ensuring a comprehensive and effective sanitation process.

After thorough cleaning, the bakery was restored to optimal condition, meeting food safety standards. Now, it’s fully equipped to resume its regular day-to-day operations.


The Challenge   

The bakery needed to be deep cleaned after consistent usage led to a build-up of residue on important process equipment.

Tanks within the bakery need to be kept to a regulatory standard for food safety. An accumulation of residue used in baking such as flour, sugar, fats, and oils, can accumulate and form on the interior surfaces of tanks and other process equipment over time. This can be a breeding ground for bacteria meaning an expert industrial clean is required to prevent hygiene and safety concerns.

Mineral deposits can accumulate on the tank surfaces when water is heated. Over time these deposits can harden into scales, for the heating element to be efficient, this scale needs to be removed ensuring the quality of the baked goods.



Project / Site Details

Location: Hull, East Yorkshire.

Services: Industrial Cleaning.

Contract type: Maintenance.


Scope of Services – What We Delivered.

Teams expertly executed high-pressure steam sterilisation (3,200 psi) at 120°C which easily removes tough residues, grease, and baked on materials from the tank’s surface and surrounding work area, whilst providing sterilisation in the process. The high pressure and temperature are effective in killing yeast, bacteria, and mold, ensuring the highest standard of hygiene, meeting expected food safety standards.

Using high-pressure steam instead of chemical cleaning is more environmentally friendly and won’t leave residues behind on the surfaces, as well as being able to penetrate through small cracks and crevices that may be inaccessible through other cleaning methods. Ensuring the highest maximum cleaning quality in all areas.

Thanks to everybody involved!



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