The Result

Powertherm successfully executed the meticulous surface preparation and coating of steelwork components earmarked for integration into an existing bridge located in the East Riding of Yorkshire region. Our commitment to high quality standards not only ensures the immediate enhancement of the steel components but also contributes to the long-term durability of the bridge infrastructure.


The Challenge

Our client required the preparation and coating – at an off-site facility – of various steel components. The components made up a steel structure for the extension of an existing footbridge in the rail industry.

As these steel components become integral parts of the bridge structure, they face vulnerability to external elements. Exposure to damp conditions heightens the risk of corrosion if proper precautions are not taken. Our approach involves thorough preparation of the steelwork, followed by the application of a specialised protective paint. This not only serves as a preventive measure against corrosion but also ensures the prolonged durability and structural integrity of the steel components; as well s providing an aesthetic finish.


Scope of Services

Consisting of hollow beams, joints and plates, the steel components first underwent high quality preparation for painting through the process of shot blasting, a technique known for its precision. Shot blasting serves to enhance the steel surface in several ways. It effectively eliminates contaminants and imperfections, while creating a textured surface profile. This textured profile not only removes any impurities but also facilitates a stronger bond between the substrate and the paint, ensuring optimal adhesion.

Following the completion of the shot blasting process, the steelwork received a protective layer of specialised paint. This coating serves as a robust defence against external conditions, safeguarding the steel components from potential corrosion and environmental factors. The entire operation, from shot blasting to coating, was carried out with expertise at our depot in Hull, culminating in the fabrication of the prepared steelwork into the existing bridge structure.


Steelwork prep and coating


All tasks were thoroughly examined and approved by our NACE certified coating inspector, confirming that the performed activities met the specified requirements and adhered to high-quality standards.


Project Details

Industry: Rail Industry
Contract Type: New Installation
Services: Surface Preparation (Shot Blasting) & Coating
Location: The project was completed off-site at our facility in Hull, with the final installation in East Yorkshire.


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