Phoenix 2 Project


Project outcome

Powertherm’s specialist industrial painting team provided off-site surface preparation to pipework through shot blasting. Followed by the application of a 3-coat system of high-performance protective paints, to meet the required specifications to protect the pipework from the demanding conditions it will be exposed to in situ.

Following the execution of surface preparation and application of industrial painting, all completed work was inspected and signed-off by our NACE certified inspector for quality control. Ensuring the successful delivery of the high standards required and so that the coatings system lasts it’s expected life-cycle before first maintenance requirements. The project was completed to schedule and QHSE compliance.


Industrial Painting Pipework


The Challenge

Our client required pipework, totaling 500 linear meters and of various diameters, to be shotblasted and sprayed with specialist protective coatings for the Phoenix 2 project during the onshore tie-ins phase. We (Powertherm) possess in-house consultancy expertise and technical competency to deliver protection to pipework through industrial painting, enabling the period before first maintenance is required – all of which was essential due to the nature of this project.


Project Details

  • Industry: Gas Processing
  • Contract type: New Installation (tie-ins)
  • Services: Surface Preparation (ISO 8501-1 – shot blasting) & Industrial Painting (airless spray)
  • Location: Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK


Scope of Services

Surface preparation and industrial painting of various pipework, ranging from 2 to 24 inches in diameter, destined for installation at an onshore gas processing plant in the Humber Region.

The first stage of the project was to prepare the surface of the pipework. This was achieved by shotblasting the surface to Sa 2.5 which removes any surface contaminants. As well as provides a suitable key to ensure the correct adhesion of the coating system.

After the pipework was suitably prepared, a 3-coat system of protective coatings was required. All paints were applied using an airless spray gun technique.

The pipes were first primed with one coat of Jotamastic 90 to 100µm DFT. This paint provides long lasting protection in environments with high corrosivity, as well as being reinforced with glass flakes which gives improved abrasion and scratch resistance. Next our expert operatives applied a second intermediate coat of Jotamastic 90 also to 100µm DFT.

Then a final topcoat of Hardtop Pro to 50µm was applied. This paint has excellent application properties, low dirt pickup and very good chemical resistance, all of which will contribute to the industrial coating system lasting it’s expected lifespan before maintenance requirements and protecting the steel pipework underneath.

Finally, all work was inspected and signed-off by our NACE certified coating inspector, ensuring the works above were executed to the required specification and quality standards.

Huge thanks to all involved in this specialist project.


Surface Preparation



Our Industrial Painting Services

Powertherm provides industrial painting and specialist protective coatings services for both internal and external surfaces for industrial and commercial sectors across the UK.

We have the capability to deliver any industrial coatings system from standard single pack coatings to two pack epoxy coatings and 3-coat systems.

With a strong combination of consultancy expertise coupled with proven technical competency to support specific requirements, we deliver best value asset protection whilst consistently minimising risk to workers and the environment whilst minimising process disruptions.

Powertherm specialist teams take the time to prepare the assets surface to the required standards removing all contaminants and degraded coatings. And adhere to specification or environmental conditions with Independent Adhesion Reports.

All our work is inspected and signed-off by our NACE certified coating inspectors who carry out specification reviews and inspections to deliver the highest quality standards no matter the complexity of your requirements.

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