Food & Beverage Processing

We support market leaders in the food and beverage processing sector, assisting our clients in maintaining and improving their facilities. Our experts are fully aware of the demands and challenges of this sector, understanding the risks associated with cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental factors throughout each stage of a project.

Powertherm Site Services offers specialized services tailored to the food and beverage processing sector, with a focus on machinery deep cleaning and internal/external silo and tank cleaning. Our comprehensive range of services also includes high-pressure water jetting, confined space entry cleaning, non-entry tank/vessel cleaning, confined space entry attendant duties, industrial painting, shot blasting, drainage cleaning, high-level cleaning, high-level dust removal, and sanitation.

At Powertherm, we appreciate that downtime is not cost-effective for our clients. As such, we are quick to respond to unplanned requirements and meticulously plan each project down to the smallest detail, ensuring minimal disruption to operations and maximum efficiency. Our services are available as standalone solutions, can be combined to provide cost savings and can be offered as a long term contract to suit your operations.

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